The birth of a new font, called Zeff Nef, based on the narrative I created: A Graffiti artist meets an Egyptian Mummy in a tomb. A modern day graffiti artist combined with an ancient figure leads to a historical explosion. The aim of this project was to marry two typefaces and create an invitation and a calendar leading up to the launch of this new typeface.

Above: The calendar design. This would come in the form of 8 playing cards. These cards will be laser cut  and would need to be stacked on top of each other in order to see the full 2D image.
Above: The sleeves that each laser cut card goes into. The sleeves tell the story of how these two star crossed lovers ( The Graffiti artist and the Egyptian Mummy) met.
Above: The pattern of the invitation to the launch of Zeff Nef.
Above: Pack shot of the inside of  the invitation, which includes the calendar.

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