I worked with Emma Strydom & Savannah Whiting from MAL Ideas4good on the illustration and design pieces for Robertson Winery. These designs were used for the "Really Good Wine" Campaign (created by MAL)  -
 Really Good Wine that does Really Good Things
 As part of the campaign, we helped build a library for Robertson Winery at Nkqubela Primary School in Robertson.  Building libraries is one of MAL's initiatives to germinate and spread across South Africa the notion that under-resourced communities not only need libraries but beautifully designed one'sThe designs were inspired by the mountains, flowers and animals found around the town of Robertson.
My role in this project: Illustrate the one side of the library integrating Emma Strydoms illustrations as well as adding my own, working on the logo that was designed with Emma Strydom and Savannah Whiting, as well as working on the tags that go around the wine bottles for this campaign. 

Above: The library built and designed by MAL Ideas4good for Nkqubela Primary School in Robertson, South Africa, featuring my design.  

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