Above: Collage of design spreads from book 
This self-published book is about me constantly chasing time. I am a person that is generally running late and constantly on the go. I therefore decided to base myself on the White Rabbit character from Alice in Wonderland. The rabbit is the character that carries a massive pocket watch, constantly looking at the time and confessing that he is always late for something. The inside of the cover of the book is made to look like a time bomb - do you cut the green wire or red wire. Instead of page numbers there is a timer that counts down. This sets the scene for what’s to come: a series of anxious intense filled images encouraging the viewer to move through quickly.  When the viewer opens the book, they realise there are no pages - the pages are within the cover that you need to pull out, adding to the madness. The book gives you the option to cut the red wire (this reads the story from front to back) or the green wire (this reads the story in reverse).
Below: Close up of design spreads

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