How long until it's gone?
Through the eyes of a child let's take you on a story about the blue planet and the doom that looms upon it.
For this brief I focused on the garbage in the ocean. My concept focused on the question- “How long until it’s gone?”- in other words how long until the ocean is gone/dead. To illustrate this, I created a conversation between a child and a parent . The repetitive question of the child (How long until it’s gone?) is linked to how children continuously ask, “When will we get there?” when travelling to a far destination. Answers from the parent are fairly optimistic in the beginning, but become more pessimistic further on in the narrative. The illustrations start off as colourful, playful and bright but become darker and busier further on in the narrative. The repetitive question from the child becomes irritating but emphasises the importance of the ocean and that it is something that we cannot ignore as it is the life support system for the planet. 
At the end of the book, the child asks: 
How long until it's gone? 
Will the world just carry on? 
& then it's gone.
Above (Left to Right): Order of illustrations

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