Pick any word and explore the meaning of it, how it has changed, how it has developed, how it is spoken - through design. 
From Latin, vagina means sheath or scabbard in which to thrust a sword. So the word contains the notion that a vagina is something to be potentially violated, entered forcefully with a weapon of war. 
My aim for this project is to take the taboo out of the word “VAGINA”. It should be an everyday word and accepted body part that one shouldn’t snicker at, give another name for or feel ashamed about. It’s a word that should not be hidden in pornography and medical books. Having a vagina does not define a person but at the same time one should still be proud about having a vagina no less than a man who has a penis. By doing this, it gives power to women. They can therefore take ownership of their bodies, their sexuality, health and personal safety.
I created the VAGINA WITH LOVE Pop-Up shop - this includes a store catalogue book with info on the vagina, pull out posters, apparel, stickers, letter's to my Vagina etc.

ABOVE: Vagina stickers 
ABOVE: Don't be a ...&  Etymology of a Vagina design spread for the Vagina With Love catalogue book
ABOVE: Censored Vagina & Viva la Vagina design spread
Above: It's All Owed To The Vagina design spread (containing information on the vagina)
ABOVE: Call-it-for-what-it-is design spread
ABOVE: Grow a Vagina design spread: Vagina bags & Vagina leggings
ABOVE: Front & Back design of postcard: Letter's to my vagina

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