For this brief I was required to create a new brand identity (including logo, letterhead, invoice, business card & basic front end of map and geotag app design) for SPAN, Stellenbosch Public Art Network who was previously called SOST, Stellenbosch Outdoor Sculpture Trust. The word SPAN means to create a connection where something else can start or be created. I found this meaning similar to the BIG BANG THEORY, an explosion which was the result of creation - an explosion that shoots out and prongs.  Creations thus start with a singularity.
Therefore, the concept I created for this new brand identity lies in the phrase, "Big ideas have small beginnings". SOST was a small idea and beginning that is now exploding to launch SPAN that will include many creations such as outdoor sculpture, film, murals, sound installations etc. This explosion will continue - it is infinite in its possibilities that SPAN can include.
Back of letterhead
Front & back of letterhead
Front & back of business card
Digital Invoice
Letterhead colour variations
Front end design of SPAN COSMOS app: Log in + How SPAN COSMOS works
Poster for launch of new brand identity

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